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Quality Shade Trees, Unbeatable Prices, Excellent Service

No one knows shade trees better than Eisler Nurseries. We can help you with the perfect selections for your project.

Zelkova - Village Green - growing in our nursery

With over 150 varieties of deciduous trees, we provide the highest quality shade and ornamental trees, including limited quantities of large specimen material.

Take a look at some of our high quality shade trees:

Zelkova serrata ‘Village Green’ and ‘Green Vase’ -- dependable shade trees for the urban environment

Zelkova - Village Green - spring
'Village Green' in Spring
Zelkova - Village Green - summer
'Village Green' in Summer

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Tilia tomentosa ‘Green Mountain’ -- a full, dense shade tree that is tough and drought-resistant once established

Tilia tormentosa -- Green Mountain
Full size view
Tilia tomentosa -- Green Mountain
Detail view

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